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Tchanise Demosthene
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To: Dr. Gousse, Dr. Merisier, and Ms. Toussaint,

From: Tchanise Demosthene

I have lived something that I have not expected, but it did happen just in my youngest age. So now, I can say that having this opportunity to go visiting to that wonderful place called Washington DC was not only an honor but a privilege. This is why I feel so glad at this moment to tell others about the trip.

First, I would like to recall the day when my lovely teacher chose me to be one of those who were going to the trip. I was very excited even though I was thinking about my financial need but thanks to God and you everything was given to me as needed. Well, the trip was for only one week but I felt like it was one year because I did and enjoyed so many things such as the new friends that I met, knowing my old friends better, and learning so much about American government. In other words, the trip was very instructive.


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