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Sheslie Decimus
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Dear Dr. Gousse, Dr. Merisier, and Ms. Toussaint,

I had so many great weeks in my life but the week at Washington DC was the greatest one. I have always dreamed to see the place where our president is living and with the help of so many strangers I went there and really enjoyed myself. I would like to thank every and each one of you that helped me get to Washington DC and meet so many different people and visit so many historical places. Since the first day I got to DC, my mind already told me that this week at DC was going to be the best week ever.

Being at Washington DC was like a challenge for me because we were divided into workshops and all the workshops competed to be the best workshop. The students at our hotel were from four different places but most of us were from Miami. It was so much fun to work with students from different schools and different states. Every day we had different activities, we went to different places and visited different historical places.

Wildza Marcelin
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Dear Dr. Gousse, Dr. Merisier, and Ms. Toussaint,

My name is Wildza Marcelin; I am one of the students who you helped to participate in Close-Up this year. I am so thankful and joyful for this experience.

On the first day that I got to Washington D.C., I started having fun by meeting new students from different countries; I learned different languages and different cultures. I also learned about women’s rights and every student has a different way of treating women in their country. I also learned about human rights, the Bill of Rights, the three branches of government, and our immigration policy. There were students there from Mexico, China, Puerto Rico, Homestead, Nicaragua, Hawaii, Miami, Arizona, California, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Texas. There were such a lot of students that I learned how to make new friends. I started to communicate with them and I learned how to share ideas with them, especially with my roommates. I also learned about the government, how the Congress works, how bills are passed and how bills become laws. We learned how a case gets to the Supreme Court. I learned more about Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and so on. I visited Capitol Hill which was an awesome experience. I also visited the Senator’s office, where we can

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