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13th Annual HALO Cultural Night

Saturday January 13, 2018, 7pm

Reserve Your Seats Now

V.I.P Seating
$250.00 per person
V.I.P Seating
$3000.00 per table ( for a table of ten people )
Regular Seating
$150.00 per person
Regular Seating
$1800.00 per table ( for a table of twelve people )

Please help support our efforts by donating a small amount now. Thank you very much!


Rodolfe Baboun, Public Relations
Thedy Brezault, Vice President
Beatrice Cazeau, Esq., Executive Director
Bernard Eugene, MSCM, MURP, Treasurer
Angelo Gousse, MD, President
Herold Merisier, MD, Secretary General

  1. 2016-2018 HALO E-BOARD:
  2. Valerie Cantave, Vice-President
  3. AngelĂ­ca Gousse, Secretary General
  4. Jean-Paul Lamour, Treasurer
  5. Katia Philippeaux, President 

Haitian American Leadership Organization
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