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Welcome to our donation page! You can make an on-line donation at anytime.

HALO understands the impact of education on an individual and a community for that reason we have redefined our mission to include education as our main focus, particularly that of the youth. "Nurturing Our Youth for The Future". How do we do it?

  1. By being a visible and constant presence in our schools
  2. By sponsoring and actively participating in many school activities
  3. By interacting with the students inside and outside of the classroom
  4. By collaborating closely with teachers and school officials
  5. By rewarding excellence in our students


Through our mentoring/internship program we are able to provide many high school and college students with exposure to their respective career field. In the case of the high school students it gives them the opportunity to experience a professional life early on.

Our Education Program (EP) sponsors many school activities such as Career Day/Career Fair, community-related activities to benefit students such as Rep. Yolly Roberson’s annual Back to School Wellness Day Fair, and also sponsors many deserving individual students or group of students’ educational-related activities.

HALO needs your support to help sustain its Scholarship Fund Program which seeks to provide annual scholarships to qualified high school students of Haitian descent. We also need support to organize various educational workshops for our students such as How to Write A Resume, Tips for A successful Job or School Admission Interview. We would also like to provide workshops for parents and the community at large.

When you make a gift to HALO you are making an investment in youth empowerment and education. This is a crucial time for our community where many of us have achieved individual success but seem to trail other communities in the South Florida area when it comes to community success. Our students need to know that there are people who care for them and want to help them succeed. Please choose which program you would like to support and follow the prompt to make your donation. Remember our students need you. "Tomorrow is today".

You can designate your online donation for general use or in support of any of our activities.

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If you like our work and effort, then please consider to make a kind donation thru PayPal.

Mailing Address

Haitian American Leadership Organization
P.O. Box 827832
Pembroke Pines, FL 33082–7832


Rodolfe Baboun, Public Relations
Thedy Brezault, Vice President
Beatrice Cazeau, Esq., Executive Director
Bernard Eugene, MSCM, MURP, Treasurer
Angelo Gousse, MD, President
Herold Merisier, MD, Secretary General

  1. 2016-2018 HALO E-BOARD:
  2. Valerie Cantave, Vice-President
  3. Angelíca Gousse, Secretary General
  4. Jean-Paul Lamour, Treasurer
  5. Katia Philippeaux, President 

Haitian American Leadership Organization
P.O. Box 827832
Pembroke Pines, FL 33082-7832
Phone: 888.759.0085
Fax: 888.759.3161
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