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Tatiana Graham
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Dear Ms. Cazeau,

Thank you very much for everything especially all the time you invested in me in order to give me that scholarship. My college received the check without any problems. 
I am grateful to God and to your Organization for this great opportunity. It made me proud of myself and made my family, my friends and teachers proud of me. It also encourages me to work hard in college in other to get other opportunities that can help me reach to my career. 
Can you please tell me when the application for next year will be available?

I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Tatiana Graham

Rodolfe Baboun, Public Relations
Thedy Brezault, Vice President
Beatrice Cazeau, Esq., Executive Director
Bernard Eugene, MSCM, MURP, Treasurer
Angelo Gousse, MD, President
Herold Merisier, MD, Secretary General

  1. 2016-2018 HALO E-BOARD:
  2. Valerie Cantave, Vice-President
  3. AngelĂ­ca Gousse, Secretary General
  4. Jean-Paul Lamour, Treasurer
  5. Katia Philippeaux, President 

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