Haitian American Historical Society (HAHS) Children's Book Project

Haitian American Historical Society (HAS)
in collaboration with Alexandra Barbot

Children's Book and Art Project
Art based upon the book Mommy tell me about Haiti

Publisher: Educa Vision, Inc.
ISBN: 13-978-1-58432-466-9
Haitian American Historical Society
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Miami, FL 33138

Jeanine Agnant is a former teacher raised in Haiti. She moved to the United States in the 1950s and lived in Chicago and New York with her husband who was a Cardiologist. She studied cosmetology at C.J. Walker's School in Chicago and moved back to Haiti with her husband.

Alexandra Barbot is an illustrator and visual artist. She has a Law degree from the University of Port au Prince, Haiti and a certificate in German language by the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. She studied art with the internationally renowned Haitian Artist Roland Dorcely. Ms. Barbot has exhibited her work in Haiti, Germany, and France and has worked with many Haitian and American nonprofit organizations in Miami. She teaches art classes to children in Miami. She also donates her artwork to worthy causes for fundraising events.

The author, Ms. Agnant writes the book to share her memories about Haiti, the land and the culture with her granddaughter, Josephine and to connect the generations.

The book answers Josephine's questions – She wants to know how her mother grew up in Haiti. The book is also a source of information for children curious about Haiti

Teachers, students or others with personal knowledge of Haiti or knowledge of Haiti through studies can give a brief story of some positive memory about Haiti.

Haitian history facts contained in the attached Haitian History Month flyer can be discussed to impart knowledge about important events in Haitian history.

Haitian history facts contained in the attached Haitian History Month flyer can be discussed to help spark creative artistic expression.

Related studies: increase reading skills, nurture feelings of brotherhood, and help develop the love of the subject areas of history, art, literature, Geography and Social Studies

Book Project Flyer
Book Project Art Contest Entry Form
Haitian History Month

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