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Saturday January 13, 2018, 7 p.m.

HALO's 13th Annual Cultural Fundrasing Event


Join us at our 13th Annual Cultural Fundraising Gala as we celebrate “La Perle Des Antilles” and raise funds for scholarship opportunities for well-deserving Haitian-American students.
Deadline for AD submission for our gala booklet is 1/3/18

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Rodolfe Baboun, Public Relations
Thedy Brezault, Vice President
Beatrice Cazeau, Esq., Executive Director
Bernard Eugene, MSCM, MURP, Treasurer
Angelo Gousse, MD, President
Herold Merisier, MD, Secretary General

  1. 2016-2018 HALO E-BOARD:
  2. Valerie Cantave, Vice-President
  3. Angelíca Gousse, Secretary General
  4. Jean-Paul Lamour, Treasurer
  5. Katia Philippeaux, President 

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